Rate Limiting

To ensure a smooth experience for all Users, all our endpoint have a quota of number of requests per minute that your Service Account can make. If you go beyond this threshold, the request will return a 429 Error (Too Many requests)

The rate limit is based on Service Account and can differ per endpoint.

By default, all endpoints have a quota of 100 requests per minute. If an endpoint have a different quota, it is documented on its reference page.

Rate limit Headers

Every API request returns header contains the following fields:

X-RateLimit-Limit: Quota limit for this endpoint X-RateLimit-Remaining: Number of remaining API calls that you can do before a quota reset X-RateLimit-Reset: Number of seconds before the quota is reset to the limit

In case of 429 errors, an additional Header is added to the response:

Retry-After: Number of seconds that you should wait before retrying the call to see it succeed.

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